The Magnolias is a small private garden in the town of Brentwood in the county of Essex, in South-East England. My wife Linda and I have been opening the garden to the public since 1981.

The small front garden packed with plants, gives a clue to the kind of planting to expect in the back garden, but not the size. The back garden is around 300ft long to give an area approaching half an acre.

Throughout the back garden meandering paths run up and down through a host of trees, shrubs and climbers, under-planted with perennials and bulbs. Although the garden is of special appeal to plant enthusiasts, there are features for others including children. There are seven outside ponds containing various species of fish and another in a greenhouse. This greenhouse contains various exotic amphibians including tree frogs.

We hope to update and add to The Magnolias website on a regular basis. We will aim to display new photos as and when we feel we have a picture worth sharing. 

We of course hope that some of you would like to visit us by prior appointment. Quite a few years ago we were in a book of gardens worth driving fifty miles to see!

I would like to mention the considerable assistance with setting up this website and the preparation and layout of the material, that we have had from our son Paul. He is also responsible for taking some of the photos.

Roger and Linda Hammond

Recent Posts

Linda Uses Her Sewing Skills.

Much of our spare time this year was spent on the pagoda project, so that routine garden maintenance jobs were somewhat neglected, until recently.  However we have nearly caught up now, despite the time spent clearing up the fallen conifer. The year old contents of our leaf-mould tower have been spread over our Epimediums, growing in the beds. Our large bin containing perhaps three cubic yards of homemade garden compost has been spread over beds containing other perennials.

On inclement days while I have been writing blogs or working on the aquariums, Linda has been busy with her scissors, tape measure and sewing machine, making cushions for our four triangular pagoda seats. We searched for a considerable time on eBay for an oriental fabric suitable for upholstery, and the final choice was one depicting koi carp.

We purchased this and foam as well as lining fabric to go under the koi material.   We tried them out today and they certainly make the seats more comfortable and warmer on a day when hail is falling!

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